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Clipping Advice

Clipping advice

  1. Choose your clipping time carefully to ensure you aren’t rushing.

  2. Enlist a helper to hold the horse and to help in case of injury

  3. Take frequent breaks for you and your horse

  4. Reward your horse frequently

  5. Look after your clippers

Preparing your horse

  1. Tie your horse up somewhere quiet where they are unlikely to be startled

  2. Some horses are quieter with a hay net, others are better without - see which works for your horse

  3. Use a piece of damp chalk to draw an outline to follow - do not use saddle soap as this will clog up the blades

  4. Turn the clippers on away from the horse and gauge their response

  5. Start somewhere less sensitive such as the shoulder to allow your horse to get used to the clippers

  6. Pull the skin tight as this makes it easier and more comfortable to the horse when you clip

  7. Horses are more sensitive over bony prominences so take care in these areas

  8. Clip against the direction of hair growth

  9. Smaller quieter clippers can be used for more sensitive areas such as the face and ears

  10. After clipping ensure your horse is rugged when turned out

  11. Following clipping use a cloth dipped in hot water and an antibacterial solution to rub over your horse.

Looking after your clippers

  1. Clean your clipper blades regularly

  2. Keep blades lubricated at all times

  3. Store your blades in a moisture free area wrapped in an oil soaked rag

  4. During clipping clean and lubricate the blades frequently to keep them cool and working efficiently

Difficult horses

If your horse is very nervous or difficult to clip they may require sedation. There are a number of options for sedation which we are happy to discuss.

We offer behaviour consults to help your horse overcome their aversion to clippers - over time this reduces or removes the requirement for sedation allowing stress free clipping. If you would like to discuss a consult please give us a call.

We also offer clipping clinics where your horse can come into Bellevue for clipping.

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