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Bellevue Equine are on a MISSION!

Our mission is to ensure that all of our clients horses and ponies have pain free mouths with teeth in the best condition possible!

To kick start this mission we are declaring June our equine dentistry month!

Every dental performed at the clinic will be eligible for a HALF PRICE oroscopic examination. An oroscope is a specialist dental camera which allows close up and detailed examination of any areas of concern in the mouth.

Horses as prey animals do their best to hide any signs of dental disease from us despite sometimes being in constant pain.

For this special offer month:

The cost of a dental examination and rasp is £60

Oroscopic examination is £50

Sedation cost will be capped at £25 per horse

Total cost will be: £135

A thorough dental and oroscope examination has allowed us in the last month alone to diagnose:

  • fractured teeth
  • extra teeth
  • infundibular caries
  • diastema
  • ulcers
  • rotated teeth 

For more details please contact the clinic on 01373 836186.



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