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Equine Passports and Microchipping

The Law:
  • A foal must be issued with a passport within 6 months of birth or by 31st December of the year of birth – whichever date is latest
  • From October 2020 all horses, ponies and donkeys must be microchipped
  • Certain very important medications are now only allowed to be used in non-food producing horses and the passport must be filled out accordingly
  • The horse’s passport should accompany the horse at all times, including visits to the clinic
  • The law assumes ALL horses are food producing unless the passport is filled out to state otherwise!


What does this mean for you?

  • Section IX part 2 of the passport must be signed to state that the animal is NOT INTENDED FOR SLAUGHTER FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.
  • Your horse’s passport must be available every time your horse is treated by a vet
    • Remember certain conditions are often out-of-hours middle of the night emergencies e.g. colic.


Please act now to ensure the relevant sections of your horse’s passport are signed, this will ensure that there is no delay in administering medication should the need arise.







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