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Leanne's Journey

Leanne Tilling (pictured here with her patient, Sonny) recently joined our team and is training to become a fully qualified equine nurse.
With a background as an NHS midwife and health visitor, Leanne has the ideal grounding to become an equine nurse.
She has always wanted to work with horses - in particular here at Bellevue - and we're delighted to welcome her to the practice!
Here in Leanne's Journey you can follow Leanne's progress in her own words, as she shares key moments from her new role at Bellevue and her training.
19th September 2017
I'm now into my third week at Bellevue Equine as a trainee Equine Veterinary Nurse, I'm doing my dream job & I love it. Everyone has made me feel very welcome & don't seem to mind me asking lots of questions!! 

I've been lucky to have been involved in three exciting operations & I am busy learning how to prepare horses for theatre, assist in theatre & have been caring for the horses post op. There's always lots to do and I'm getting quicker at mucking out!! Every day is different & I can't wait to start my training in March.


1st November 2017

It's been so busy for the last seven weeks that I've not had time to write. I've been busy learning about the running of the equine clinic. Some funny things have happened too!! I've been dragged off by a pony, learned to drive a quad bike, been involved in exciting surgeries and somewhat gory dentals!!

Today I have been learning to take blood from a horse. I had two failed attempts on very fluffy ponies, but did manage to take blood successfully from my own horse. He's just been clipped so it was a bit easier to work out what I was doing. He did need blood taking, I wasn't just being mean practicing on him!!

Everyone had a good giggle when I got dragged off by a very cheeky pony. I just managed to avoid being smashed into a tree. I won't be so keen to volunteer to trot horses up when out on visits in the future.

I have been involved in a few surgeries, during colic surgery I managed to pour 5 litres of normal saline over the surgeon instead of into the horse's abdomen by mistake!! I know how to make a good impression. It had been warmed so it could have been worse. Despite this I have still been asked to help in theatre so I must be doing something right. It's great to be involved in surgical cases, I get to admit the horse and help prepare it for surgery. Then help in theatre and give nursing care afterwards and get to see a happier horse go home.

I'm also learning a lot about equine dentistry. I’ve finally got to grips with setting up the dental equipment and scope. I got to help when a pony was having a tooth removed last week. It's a steep learning curve but I love it.

One of the small animal nurses asked me where something was the other day and I was very pleased that I actually knew the answer. Oh and who knew that equine veterinary nurses got to drive a quad bike, bonus!!

I can't wait to see what happens over the next few weeks.


21st February 2018

It's been a busy few weeks for me at home and at work. My toddler fell over and broke his arm at nursery a couple of weeks ago – from this experience I can safely say that poorly horses are easier to deal with than a grumpy toddler with a sore arm in plaster!

At work I’ve been perfecting my lunging skills, helping with lots of lameness investigations. Gastroscopy clinics are always busy, it’s great to see the improvement in horses who have had treatment for ulcers. I’m learning all about the management of horses with ulcers and the best type of feed for them to prevent ulcers occurring.

I’ve helped with two old horses that needed broken teeth removing so that they can eat better, these have both done well. I assisted with laser sarcoid removal for the first time this week. By removing the sarcoids at this time of year it will stop them being spread by the flies in the summer months.

When I have time, I help the small animal nurses and went out with Erica to rescue a stray cat that had been hit by a car. It had been hiding under some pallets for a few days. Erica jumped straight up and got the cat out while I tentatively held the cat carrier open for her! I was more nervous about that than dealing with a horse!

I’ve been lucky to get to enrol of the BHS Stage 1 course, the first part of this is the Ride Safe Test. I’m going to Cannington College for this later today, it’ll be very strange riding a different horse, I’ve been used to my little cob for the last 10 years!


25th March 2018

It been an exciting time at work. I’ve been busy looking after the in patients and it’s been lovely to be able to sort out the muck heap in the sunshine for a change! The view from the stables is gorgeous and the stable cats enjoy ‘helping’ me sort out the muck heap! As well as looking after the horses I’ve been going out helping David on his calls, I met two lovely donkeys who like eating ginger cake!


As the weather is warming up remember to dig out your fly rugs and masks, my horse is fully equipped with his anti sweet-itch rug and mask! Much to his displeasure!

Consultant surgeon Jessica Kidd has been here doing clinics. I love helping her, I always learn so much! We have seen lots of cases including complicated lameness investigations and I have been assisting with surgery. Jessica performed standing surgery on a horse with a sinus problem, it was fascinating to watch and help with.

I have also been helping with castrates both standing and knocked down. I have had plenty of opportunity to practice my skills looking after horses post operatively.




I have also been busy getting to grips with the worming programme.

I have been contacting clients whose horses are on the Equine Health Plan or Worming Programme as it’s the time of year to start worm egg counts for your horses. Worm egg counts are included as part of the plans.

If your horse isn’t on a plan we still offer worm egg counts so bring a small sample of your horses droppings in for us to test for you. We have sample bags at reception, which have a labelled bag with a pair of disposable gloves for your convenience.

Enjoy the sunshine with your horses, they should all be happy now the grass is finally starting to grow!


20th June 2018

There have been a few changes here at Bellevue Equine, most notably we have a new equine vet Cordelia, which is great. It turns out she also treats sheep as well as horses.

On my first day working with her she told me she was going to see a sheep. I said bye and see you when you’re back, but no, I was needed to go with her to help. It turned out that this help was basically me catching the sheep and rolling it onto its back!! I like sheep and have often stopped when out riding my horse to turn one over that’s stuck on its back but I’ve never had to catch one, hang onto it and roll it over! I warned Cordelia I’d never done this. But thought its ok, what would Adam Henson do in this situation??? I’m a bit of a closet Adam fan! I met him at the Three Counties show and he’s actually pretty tall in real life and have seen him in action many a time on Country File wrestling sheep, so I had a rough idea of how to handle the situation. Cordelia could obviously tell I was the woman for the job and let me get on with it! I was actually quite impressed with myself, I managed to catch it and roll it onto its back pretty quickly and without getting head butted or kicked in the face. I hung onto it and Cordelia was able to treat its foot. I can now add sheep handler to my skills list!

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