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This month is Rabbit Awareness Month. Rabbits can be extremely rewarding pets. They are intelligent, social creatures, but many people don't realise that they take just as much care as cats and dogs.

Free Health Check in June!

We're offering your rabbit a free health check this month to ensure your pet stays in peak condition and give all owners the chance to ask any questions you may have about your furry pet! The health check covers:


Plus a general body check to identify any lumps and bumps, weight and general condition.

Pet Health Care Plan

We’ve designed our Rabbit Care Plan so that you can ensure your rabbits receive the very best quality preventative treatments at a heavily discounted rate, through a simple monthly direct debit. Click HERE for full information.


Are your rabbits protected from Fly Strike?

All rabbits are at risk from fly strike. This is caused by flies laying eggs usually around the rabbit’s bottom, however can happen anywhere on the rabbit’s body. These eggs then hatch into maggots, which then begin to eat the flesh of the rabbit. This is extremely painful, causes severe damage and leads to toxic shock, severe illness and death. This process is rapid, so please be vigilant with your pets!

Prevention is better than cure

  • Check your rabbit's bottom every day, at least twice a day. If there is any urine or faeces, clean and dry the area. Any matted hair should be removed so they are able to clean themselves properly, this can be done by our nurses so as to avoid any injuries.
  • Keep the rabbits environment clean so that flies are not attracted. Remove dirty litter and bedding daily, ideally.
  • Apply Rearguard! This is a fly prevention liquid and should be applied every 8 - 10 weeks, throughout the spring/summer months and warm autumns.
  • Rabbits should be kept trim not only for health benefits but also so they can clean themselves effectively. Overweight rabbits are also unable to squat properly when toileting leading to soiled fur which attracts flies.
  • If your rabbit is producing unusually wet faeces, take it to the vet for diagnosis and treatment, and be prepared to change the diet accordingly.
  • If you suspect your rabbit has arthritis, we can prescribe an anti-inflammatory medicine if necessary, to ease pain in joints and improve mobility.


Fly Strike

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