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Geriatric Month

Is your older pet struggling?

Many people notice changes in their older pets but understandably put these down to old age. Our dogs and cats are unable to moan and grumble and will tolerate immense discomfort without showing any signs. It is therefore crucial that your geriatric pet has regular check ups with the vet so we can pick up on any unnoticed problems. Problems such as:

Slowing down

Excessively panting


Weight gain

Drinking more

Becoming Lumpy

Having ‘accidents’

Pacing up and down

Wandering aimlessly


Appearing hungry

Clumpy coat

Dropping food

And many more ...


There is usually an underlying medical condition responsible for the above signs that if addressed can greatly improve the quality of your pets life and extend their life.

A geriatric pet is as a rabbit over the age of 6, dog over the age of 8 and cat over the age of 10. We appreciate that Jack Russell’s can certainly out live a Great Dane so a giant breed really is geriatric over the age of 7.

To safe guard your pet’s welfare we are offering FREE veterinary health checks to any geriatric patients during the month of September. In addition to this we are offering 50% off urine screens and issuing vouchers for 50% off blood pressure checks.


Urine screens

Urine samples are usually easy to collect from your dog but a bit trickier from your cat! When taking your dog out to the toilet slide a shallow tray underneath them to catch a urine sample and then decant it into a clean jar or pot.

For your cat you may need to purchase some non-absorbable litter for £3.43 from the practice and keep your cat indoors to collect a urine sample.

Testing a urine sample is a brilliant way to check your pets’ health as it can screen for diabetes, kidney disease, disease of the bladder and prostate and sometimes liver disease. This is especially important in cats where 1 in 3 cats will develop kidney disease.



Blood pressure checks

Blood pressure checks in cats and dogs are performed in a similar way to in humans. High blood pressure can be a sign of many diseases such as hormonal diseases, kidney disease, anaemia and thyroid disease and is therefore a very good tool for assessing general health.

When you come for your free health check you will be issued a voucher for 50% off your pets first blood pressure check making it only £15! The blood pressure measurement will be performed in an appointment with the nurse.

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