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Mobility Month


Mobility Month at Bellevue Small Animal Veterinary Clinic

Now that the weather is getting colder sometimes our pets with osteoarthritis can start to show stiffness.  Osteoarthritis is a slow progressive disorder of synovial joints.  Inside the joint the smooth cartilage can begin to erode, the bone underneath (subchondral bone) can change, little bits of bone (joint mice) can float about in the joint fluid and the joint can swell. 

Nutraquin is a capsule that contains glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin, vitamin c and zinc, these ingredients can help in early onset osteoarthritis and can help prevent this disease in predisposed breeds.

We often use a course of injections called Cartrophen vet in cases of arthritis and we have seen some great results.  The drug is injected under the skin at the scruff of neck (most dogs do not notice they are having an injection), on four occasions one week apart.  This injection has an anti-inflammatory effect but also can help moderate some of the damaging effects that osteoarthritis can have on the joints.

 At Bellevue Veterinary Clinic we are offering during December, a 10% discount on Nutraquin (15% off if you are part of our pet care plan) and 25% off of your first Cartrophen injection  to help keep our favourite companions comfy over Christmas.  We have a range of other anti inflammatories available and so please bring your pet to see us if you would like us to discuss in more detail.

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