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Equine Health Plan

Save money on your horse's routine healthcare

At Bellevue Equine we believe in a proactive, preventative approach to your horse's healthcare. We know how important your horse's health is to you and we want to help you keep them happy and healthy for longer. This is why we have designed our Equine Health Plans.

An Equine Health Plan makes it easy for you to protect your horse against preventable diseases and discomfort by making sure your horse's vaccinations, parasite control and general health are all up to date. Regular check ups and early diagnosis of any potential health issues will help your horse enjoy a long, comfortable life, whilst saving you money and worry too!

Health Plans Include (Per Year):

  • * Annual Booster Vaccination and Health Check (includes weigh-in on digital scales)

  • * Dental Rasps and Balance per year (including sedation)

  • Worm Egg Counts: 3 per year plus resistance testing as required

  • ** Supply of Horse Wormers; 1 for encysted roundworm and 1 for tapeworm

All for a monthly payment of £19.99.

*Must be booked on a zone day
**Horses with high egg counts wil require additional wormers which are not included in the plan.

Please call the Bellevue Equine team on 01373 836186 or call in for more information about Equine Health Plans.

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