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Charitable Support

Find out about the charities Bellevue supports

Unfortunately not all animals are as loved as our pets. The team at Bellevue has chosen to support the following charities which make such a difference to the lives of others.

Cinnamon Trust

The only specialist national charity for people in their last years and their much loved, much needed companion animals. The Cinnamon Trust, named after Cinnamon, the beloved 17-year-old corgi owned by the Founder, Mrs Averil Jarvis MBE, aims to preserve and support the relationship with owners and pets as the owners reach the later stages of their lives. We all know how important the bond of friendship is between an owner and their small animal and knowing this, we have chosen to support this wonderful charity.

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Spana is the charity for the working animals of the world. Their aim is to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities. They provide free veterinary care where support is needed and also provide veterinary training. In addition, they teach children about the value and respect for animals.

In the UK most of our animals are fortunate to have caring homes. By supporting Spana we are helping those animals who are less fortunate.

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How we’re helping

We run an annual fun day in July where we aim to raise lots of money to support these well-deserving charities.

In addition to this we promote the charities to our clients and hope to run more fundraising events over the course of the year.