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All you need to know about vaccinations

At Bellevue Veterinary Clinic we are able to offer a range of routine vaccinations to your dog, cat or rabbit.

Your pet’s vaccination appointment will always include a health check by a Vet to ensure they are fit and healthy, giving you the chance to address any concerns you have about your pet’s general health.  Don’t forget that if you are a member of our Care Plan, your pet’s vaccinations, including kennel cough (dogs) are included

Annual vaccinations help to protect your pets against a range of potentially fatal diseases


-        Parvovirus

-        Leptospirosis

-        Infectious Canine Hepatitiso

-        Distemper

-        Kennel cough (additional to core vaccinations)


-        Feline herpes virus

-        Feline calicivirus

-        Feline leukaemia virus

-        Feline panleukopenia virus

Rabbit Vaccination:

-        Myxomatosis

-        Viral Haemorrhagic Disease