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New Puppy Info

Vaccinations, microchipping & more


Vaccinating your puppy will protect it against diseases that are easily avoided.

The puppy vaccination course includes:

  • a full health check
  • two vaccinations given three weeks apart

These vaccinations cover your puppy against:

  • distemper
  • parvovirus
  • para influenza
  • adenovirus.

The first vaccination (along with the health check) can be given as early as six weeks followed by the second vaccination three to four weeks afterwards (but not before the age of 10 weeks). If you are considering placing your puppy in kennels you should also have it vaccinated against kennel cough – this can be done once the puppy is eight weeks old.

Once all the vaccinations are complete you need to wait one more week before you can start taking your puppy out where it will mix with other dogs. Ask about our puppy parties too (more details below).


Microchipping provides a permanent way of identifying your pet. The microchip is tiny and has a unique code. It is injected under the loose skin at the back of the dog’s neck. We usually microchip at the same time as the second vaccination.


Puppies may be infected with worms from their mother during pregnancy or via milk during lactation. Your puppy should have been wormed from the age of two weeks by the owner or breeder with tablets, paste or granules. It should then be wormed every two weeks until it is three months old; every month after that until it is six months old; and then should follow an adult worming programme suited to the lifestyle of your dog.

Flea Treatment

Fleas can cause numerous health problems, inlcuding skin irritation and even severe dermatitis in some dogs. They are an all-year-round problem due to home central heating. Household sprays are safe to use from two days' old and once your puppy gets to eight weeks old, spot-on treatments should be used every two months.

We also stock other products, please ask at reception.