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Tick and Flea are our resident Bellevue Vet Cats and they have a few things to say on fireworks:

Tick: Hi Flea, I'm getting a bit scared because it is nearly bonfire night and that can mean lots of scarey bangs, it makes me want to run away
Flea: Don't worry when it gets very noisy we can go in the den
Tick: What is the den?
Flea: Camilla has made us a cosy den to hide in when we are scared, she has found a lovely big cardboard box and filled it with soft fleecy beds and covered it with a blanket
Tick: how do we get in and out?
Flea: No problem there is a big entrance for us, and it smells great as she has sprayed it with Pet Remedy
Tick: Camilla has also made us a special dinner with nutracalm capsules sprinkled on it, we will feel so relaxed, we may miss the fireworks!!!

Read on for more advice from the team at Bellevue.


Bellevue Vets Fireworks guide

November is fast approaching and soon the fireworks will be banging and cracking.  61% of UK owners reported that their pets are scared of fireworks

Your pets may show this fear by cowering or hiding behind the sofa, trying to run away or escape, messing in the house, restlessness or overgrooming.  Dogs sometimes will bark a lot.

You can try to get your cat or dog used to the sounds of fireworks over time ( we have a special fireworks sound cd available at the surgery), this is best done well in advance.

Nutracalm is an effective natural calming capsule that can be given to cats and dogs and sprinkled on their food 1-2 hours in advance of the fireworks.

There are other things that can be done short term to help your pet.

  • Build a spacious den and get your pet used to it
  • Let your pet go to the den whenever they want to
  • Put the den in a place that the animal likes to go to.


You could use a calming spray like our popular ‘Pet Remedy’ spray.  This is a calming and destressing blend of valerian and vetiver and can be sprayed on pet bedding. 

And lastly

On the night of the fireworks

  • Walk your dog a little earlier before the fireworks start
  • Once the pets are inside make sure all of the windows and catflaps are secure.
  • Check that your pet is microchipped in case they do escape.



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