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Lesley Penny

Practice Manager

Lesley Penny - Practice Manager
Lesley Penny Practice Manager

Lesley joined the team in 2017, As our Practice manager, she previously worked as a teacher at a local college for many years. For a career change Lesley decided to join Bellevue Vets to put her administrative brain to the test.

Lesley is the woman behind everything, our support person, puzzle fixer, and organiser. She enjoys supporting Bellevue vets in providing excellent care, and welcomes you to get in contact if you would like to discuss any matters.

At home, Lesley has two cats Nev and Trevor who keep her feline heart complete, thankfully otherwise she may end up with all the cats that need homes!

When Lesley isn’t working (which isn’t often) she enjoys general socialising, eating out and meeting up with friends and family.

‘I’m looking forward to seeing the practice expand over the next few years’